How it Works

Providence Chinese uses advanced online tools that review the material taught in your Chinese language center class, through different activities. Each activity is designed to test key areas of your ability to learn Chinese. Choose the book and lesson that you are currently working on, then use the following tools:

Write Chinese Characters

Observe all the new characters for each lesson including their stroke order. Practice writing the character on your own, until you are able to write it without assistance.

Tests: Writing ability

Chinese sentence grammar builder

Rearrange the words given to form a proper sentence.

Tests: Grammar and sentence patterns

Chinese Listening Practice

A question will be asked, that reviews vocabulary taught in this lesson. Listen to the question, then type your answer in the space provided. Get immediate feedback on your answer.

Tests: Listening and typing skills

Mandarin Chinese Vocabulary Tests

Take a multiple choice quiz, and match the word shown with its Pinyin equivalent. Or listen to a word and choose which word it represents.

Tests: Reading and Listening

Chinese Vocabulary Review

Look at the Chinese characters shown and decide how well you know them. Characters that you know won't be shown again. The ones that you don't know will be repeated to help you identify them.

Tests: Reading

Fill in the Blanks Test

Choose a word from the list on the right and drag it into the correct sentence on the left to complete its meaning.

Tests: Reading, grammar and sentence patterns

Mandarin Chinese dictionary

Search for words and characters within the entire course to see how they are being used. Listen to how words are pronounced.

Try out some sample exercises

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