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gāngJust, recently112
gānggāngJust recently112
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Pinyin Traditional English
gāng hard/firm/strong/just/barely/exactly
gāng yī 剛一 to be just about to/to have just started to
gāng jiàn 剛健 energetic/robust
gāng gang 剛剛 just recently/just a moment ago
gāng jìng 剛勁 bold/vigorous
gāng hǎo 剛好 just/exactly/happen to be
Gāng chá 剛察 (N) Gangcha (place in Qinghai)
gāng qiǎo 剛巧 by chance/by coincidence/by good luck
gāng dù 剛度 stiffness
gāng qiáng 剛強 firm/unyielding

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