Sentence builder for Book 1 Lesson 12 | Providence Chinese

Sentence builder for Book 1 Lesson 12

Question 1
Did you live in Europe before?

Question 2
The scenery here is quite beautiful, I like it a lot.

Question 3
I heard that plane tickets to travel to Europe right now are quite cheap.

Question 4
Do you know how many seasons there are in a year?

Question 5
The winter here is very cold, summer is too hot and it often rains in spring.

Question 6
I heard that the scenery is so beautiful in France, I would like to travel there.

Question 7
It has been raining for three days straight.

Question 8
She is going to write a test at school tomorrow, so she is going to study at home today.

Question 9
I'm going to study in Japan next month.

Question 10
The mother can't find her children, she is very anxious.

Question 11
I need to go to sleep right now because there's a test tomorrow morning.

Question 12
We've been talking for a long time.

Question 13
He bought a car last month.

Question 14
Autumn is the best season in the year, it's not too cold and not too hot.

Question 15
I often went to Europe when I was little.

Question 16
I went to many countries these past ten months.

Question 17
That test was too difficult, I didn't know what to write. What should I do?

Question 18
My friend has been living in America for 8 years already.

Question 19
Do you know what today's date is?

Question 20
Lately I've been quite busy. I have no time to watch television.

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